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riki tyminski

Riki was born in San Diego, California and grew up all over the US. After a brief stint at Cal State, Fullerton, she followed her step dad’s footsteps and joined the Marine Corps.  

While in the Marines, she quickly remembered how much she enjoyed all the physical training. Since she could walk, she was involved in nearly every sport because picking one was not possible for the active being. After her time served in the Marine Corps, Riki was still trying to figure out her roll in life while working as a federal employee. A couple of years later she met her husband who owns a CrossFit gym. In 2013, she quit her secure job and worked full time as a CF-L1 Trainer. 

In 2014, Riki competed at the North East Regionals with her team, CrossFit Lindy. After regionals, Riki focused on Olympic weightlifting. The same year, she qualified for her first National meet. 3 years later, Riki shifted her training to focus primarily on powerlifting; she is now an International Elite powerlifter.

Riki’s family medical history frightened her, so in 2012 she got very involved in nutrition in order to educate her family. She then started practicing what she was learning on volunteers at the gym. She only charged a $20 fee at the time so that she can buy each person a food log and notebook for check ins. In the Spring of 2013, after many direct messages from strangers responding to her pictures of her volunteers, that was when Riki realized she can make a living out of this. Then, a friend (who is very well known in the CrossFit and weightlifting world) wrote a blog which included Riki as her nutrition coach, and it went viral. Riki woke up to over 200 emails. Overwhelmed but eager for her future, Riki got her certification as an FNS and started her online nutrition business Lil Riki Fitness which ran for 5 years before joining forces with Team Schroeder.


CrossFit L1

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Precision Nutrition L1


CrossFit Games North East Regional team athlete (2014)

USAW American Open 48kg, snatch- 3rd place (2014)

4 USAW national meets competed

FOX American Grit cast, Cadre fo yellow team (2017)

Kern US Open Invitee (2019)

New York State Record Holder for bench, deadlift and total (52kg and 56kg)

All Time Top 20 ranking in women’s RAW Powerlifting in 123s

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