Bonschro-GO is my daily strength training for just $6/month!

team schroeder


option 1


Monthly remote coaching

This includes weekly checkins using google sheets, unlimited emailing and text messaging, and access to a Facebook group which Bonnie is also involved in. Through the process as Riki’s client, you can ask her anything whenever you want.

She usually answers in a reasonable time- unless she’s sleeping or training/coaching. Riki highly encourages daily text messages from clients for accountability; her MOST successful clients send her their food logs at the end of the day so that she can figure the best adjustments (if needed) to be made.

option 2

$100/wk, $180/2wk, $340/4wk

Customized weekly meal and snack planning

We know, sounds pretty expensive, but we can assure you, it pretty much fool proof. Leave it to Riki to do all the thinking and planning for you. All you have to do is give her an up to date grocery list every week and she will work with exactly that.

Let’s be real, no “diet” is sustainable for the rest of your life. So with Team Schroeder Nutrition, we want you to be able to eat whatever you want—within reason of course. Riki can and will show you how foods can fit while you still reach your goals. This plan is so flexible, that you can even text her that you have a party or dinner plans at X restaurant and you want her to fit a drink and pizza in for that night. Just give Riki at least 6 hours notice and she can make adjustments to your meal plan for that day.

All your foods and meals will be planned and plugged in through through the MyFitnessPal app so its easily accessible for both parties. Whenever Riki uses recipes, she will email them to you and give any further directions needed. This requires a lot of communication between you and Riki. She will not be your coach forever, so it is important to us that you keep in contact with her so that she can A. learn your dietary habits to be able to lead you to your goals, and B. so that you can take away from this experience when you are ready to program your own foods.

Everything that is listed in Option #1 is also included for this Option. 

option 3

$220/2wk, $180/3wk, $140/4wk

Meet prep (must have a minimum of 2 weeks out)

Anything more than 4 weeks, option 1 (monthly remote coaching) will work. However, in order to get the discounted price, there is a 2 month commitment paid in full. Riki has successfully cut to the 56kg, 53/52kg, and even 48kg weight classes for the last six years; she has never NOT made weight.

This program is for the athlete that needs help cutting the last few pounds in order to make weight for their lifting competition. Riki will double check your current diet, sodium intake, and walk you through your water loading protocol. She will make herself available all the way through your weigh-in. This program also includes how to recomp whether you’re competing in two hours or in 24. Most of your communication with Riki will be via mobile.

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