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After coming back from Iceland and having some time to reflect and fully digest the trip I'm left with a renewed sense of gratitude and the motivation to keep GOING. Keep SEEING and EXPLORING as much as I possibly can. I'm so incredibly lucky to have a partner that feels exactly the same way and is equally motivated to keep pushing growth in every sense of the word.

The hospitality and warm sense of family that we got from everyone in Iceland, (both from Matt's friends and even strangers), was absolutely incredible. The people on that island are welcoming, accommodating and tough as hell. Its a harsh environment that breeds hard, no-nonsense people and I love that attitude.

The environment is incredibly dynamic and constantly changing. You may encounter an almost a pure white out blizzard and snow covered lava fields while driving, but around the next turn, golden fields and fuzzy Icelandic ponies happily grazing. Its everything you've seen on Instagram and more. The pictures will never do it justice. Everywhere you turn is more breathtaking than the last view.

I saw the northern lights for the first time. Actually we saw them three times in Iceland and once from the plane. The nights we spent in the camper van looking over frozen landscape and admiring the sheer beauty and vastness of it all, are nights that are forever burned into my memory.

This island is REAL. This island is VISCERAL. It stirs up feelings deep in you that you didn't even know you had. You suddenly understand why this is a land full of sagas and legends about trolls, elves and giants. This is an island that manages to be both more modern and more ancient at the same time that anything I've ever experienced before. 

Its incredible that a place so vast and rugged can inspire such deep feelings of calm and peace.

Put Iceland on your list. Go and see and do everything you can while you're there. And then let me know how soon you'll be returning.