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who is bonnie schroeder?

bonnie schroeder

Everyone's journey has a starting point.

Mine began when I was twelve years old and I started running track. I loved the fact that the sport took no more than my body and a pair of shoes. I loved the raw ability I had and the absolute joy running brought me. Track continued to be my passion all throughout highschool and college.

After a fairly successful college career I was left with the same void that many collegiate athletes are left with...

What now?

I tried to switch gears into long distance running but was left unfulfilled. After a few unsuccessful attempts at forcing myself to enjoy it, I found a group of bodybuilders at my gym, and I finally filled that void. I trained in a bodybuilding style for four years and enjoyed discovering the ability to shape and mold my body how I wanted.

When I was 26 a friend of mine opened a crossfit gym and urged me to join. I started going a few times a week while still maintaining my bodybuilding sessions in the afternoons. I loved the community crossfit provided, as well as the opportunity to challenge myself and compete once again. After spending some time in the crossfit world, my training partner suggested I register for a powerlifting meet with her and I did. I had about three months of serious-ish training under my belt but I dove into powerlifting with reckless abandon.

I won my weight class at my first meet and was hooked. Now after countless meets as an athlete and coach, and spending many years in this sport, I can only say thank you to the barbell. It gave me the confidence I needed to step out of my comfort zone time and time again. The barbell gave me the ability to look at life with a  completely new perspective. It changed everything.

I hope it does the same for you.