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BonSchro-GO workouts are my strength training sessions. This "Powerbuilding" style training focuses on the main barbell movements but also has a heavy emphasis on isolated accessory movements to address common weaknesses and to add an aesthetic element to the program. Most days also include extra core work. The program includes six training days with one of those being a bonus (optional) day.

Please feel free to use the exercise library if you are unsure how to perform certain exercises.

Work outs will be uploaded daily for members, but will be left on the site for an extra day. So members will be able to see three days at a time. A small preview of the training is shown below.

This is
new tool to grow and develop in both strength, aesthetics, and confidence.

This program is for
looking to get stronger and
push themselves to the next level.

Pause Squats


Performed between 75-80%

Front Squats


Performed between 72-78%

More exercises...

Bench Press


Performed at 72-78%

Larsen Press


Performed at 70%

More Exercises...



Performed between 75-82%

Pause Below Knee Deadlifts


Performed between 70-75%

More Exercises...


Use #bonschrogo so I can follow along with your journey!
Join us on TRAINHEROIC! a new option for using BonSchro-Go

So what's the difference?

It's the same program! BonschroGO on TrainHeroic and BonschroGO on bonschro.com are the same exact workouts. The difference comes between the features that each offers. If you're just wanting the exercises without any fancy features or app, then continuing or joining through the site for $6/m will work for you.

If you'd rather have an app that you can input your training numbers, get statistics, interact with a community of people including Bonnie herself and so much more, then you can join over on TrainHeroic for $15/m.

Do I need both?

No! If you sign up for both you would be paying for the exact same workouts for no reason! If you are already subscribed to BonschroGO on bonschro.com and want to move over to TrainHeroic then you will want to cancel your subscribtion through bonschro.com . If you don't know how to do that, check the FAQ and it will explain how. If you haven't subscribed yet but want to join the team on TrainHeroic then all you need to do is sign up over there!

I'm still confused, can you explain further?

Think about it as two subscribtion options (or how a streaming service like Hulu, for example offers a plan of $5.99/m that has ADs and a plan of $11.99/m to watch with no ADs).

Option #1 is a $6/m subscription through bonschro.com that simply gives you the workouts and that's it! Simple as that. No extra features or interaction just the workout programming for you to follow.

Option #2 is a $15/m subscription through TrainHeroic that offers a ton of extra features. First off, it's an actual app you can download and use to track all your progress. You can see all your progress in one place. There are two weeks of work outs shown at a time. There are video demos of all the exercises that you can watch if you aren't sure how to do a movement. There is a team chat where all TrainHeroic members can interact with one another, including Bonnie, on a daily basis and share there wins or funny moments from their training session. There are many additional features and they can't all be listed here. If you want to fully experience it you'll have to check it out for yourself!

Still confused or have more questions?

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