$6/ month daily strength training with BonSchroGO!


Hello and welcome to the new and improved, bonschro.com!!

I'm so excited to share this new platform with you guys because now I finally have an opportunity to help even MORE fitness fanatics.

Along with my one on one coaching, I am so happy to introduce BONSCHROGO to everyone. This is a monthly subscription that gives you access to MY daily work outs. Thats right, you can follow along with EXACTLY what I'm doing in my training. These work outs can be adjusted to fit a variety of gyms and are easily modified to benefit all levels of lifters. You will be following a program that prioritizes strength as well as aesthetics. 

The way I look at it, I just gained a whole bunch of new training partners :)

Be sure to use #bonschrogo so I can follow along with all my new teammates!

Make sure to come back for bi-monthly blog posts so you can keep up on what I'm doing and where I've been.

Welcome to bonschro.com and welcome to BONSCHROGO!