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Ashlyn was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She attended college at Lebanon Valley College (LVC), studying English Communications, Spanish and Sociology.

Growing up, Ashlyn was a competitive swimmer. Throughout high school, she also participated in track and cross country for some off-season fitness. Departing for college, it was her intent to swim however, once on campus she discovered rugby and fell in love with the sport.

To be a stronger player on the pitch, Ashlyn took to the weights and began lifting for the first time. Lifting became a second love, leading to 2 years of competitive powerlifting while living in New Jersey competing across the tristate and at RUM VIII in Deland, Florida.

Upon her move to New York, Ashlyn decided to give CrossFit a try. She fell in love with the community and the constantly varied approach to fitness – so much so she began coaching in December 2016 and has been coaching across Long Island, NY since.

From powerlifting to CrossFit, the one constant was Ashlyn’s love to learn about nutrition. She would research and apply different approaches to her own diet to experiment with what worked best for her and to learn how different diets could work well for others. In 2020, Ashlyn became a certified Precision Nutrition L1 coach and has since began working with clients to help achieve their nutrition-related goals.

Ashlyn’s favorite part about coaching (both CrossFit and nutrition) is seeing members and clients achieve landmarks they did not believe were attainable and be truly proud of their accomplishments


CrossFit L1

Precision Nutrition L1
*Specializes in optimizing performance for female athletes

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