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Who is Elliott Castello?


Elliott learned from an early age the value of a growth mindset. Raised by a single mother in Ohio, he had the opportunity to watch her redefine herself over the years. In between trips to the zoo, comic book store, and Niagara Falls she pursued her dreams in every way possible.

After graduating from Ohio State with a degree in Psychology, Elliott entered into the world of Human Services. Over the past 18 years he has worked as the Director at a non profit agency specializing in services for adults and adolescents with disabilities and as the Senior Clinician at a residential treatment center where he provided group and individual counseling. These experiences affirmed the value of having empathy and understanding for why we make the choices we do in life.

In 202, he discovered the missing piece that allowed him to have the same transformative experience he had been fortunate to witness in others.  What started with the purchase of a squat rack, barbell, and a few plates has now turned into a love of powerlifting that has unlocked a new belief in what's possible. 

This belief only increased when Elliott placed a focus on nutrition alongside training and redefined himself to now pursue his dream.  The dream of supporting others through the discomfort to discover the version of themselves they want to achieve. While raising his two daughters, Elliott works both in person and virtually with clients of all ages in numerous capacities with this goal in mind.

In his role as a Coach within Not Ded Yet mentorship group, Elliott values above all the opportunity to see others take control of their lives. The same way he has taken control of his, supported by those who care. Not through tricks or hacks, but through the willingness to do the hard things knowing the feeling of self worth that's on the other side. 

Elliott specializes in helping non conventional athletes prioritize their health and understand the importance of nutrition.

Certifications / Experience

NASM Nutrition 

Transformation Academy Life Coach

Crisis Prevention Institute Instructor 

All information here belongs solely to Elliot Castello. I am not a licensed medical doctor, nor do I claim to be, and my advice should not be taken as such. I am not liable for any medical consequences. Privacy is strictly guaranteed.