$6/ month daily strength training with BonSchroGO!



Lynsey Brown

I have been with Bonnie since October of 2017. I can honestly say that starting to work with her has been the best thing for my powerlifting career this far. She is not only a great coach but an excellent role model in the strength community. Bonnie takes the time to write individualized programs for each athlete dependent upon your goals. Her programming is challenging but obtainable. There is constant progress made week to week. Programming is not set in stone. If you feel that you have a weakness that you are not hitting enough and you communicate that with her, I guarantee you’ll see more focus on that the next training week.

As I mentioned before Bonnie is more than an online coach. She is passionate about the sport and loves her clients. She is someone that is willing to put as much work as you, if not more, into helping you become a successful athlete. She takes the time to review each video and respond with positive feedback and constructive criticism when necessary. She may be states away but she will ensure you are using proper technique and provide extremely helpful cues as needed. She makes recommendations that are open for discussion and takes your thoughts into consideration prior to making any changes. Not to mention she makes a really good mental motivator. There have been more times than I care to count that I have doubted myself on a lift but Bonnie is there to talk me through or give me the extra push I need.

I have now been through at least 3 full training cycles and we have made some amazing progress. Adding 60 plus pounds to my total in the last 6 months, qualifying for raw nationals, and hitting personal records that I wasn’t sure existed. All of these successes wouldn’t be possible without her. I don’t think there are words to thank her for everything she has done to help me be a better athlete and overall human being.

Sarah McClanahan

My experience working with Bonnie as an online client has been nothing short of outstanding.

I stumbled across her on instagram about a year ago and my initial desire to pursue strength sports was inspired by posts like hers. I had prior lifting experience but, with the ever-growing wealth of information online and abundance of people offering coaching, it’s an increasingly overwhelming task to even know where to begin. Bonnie stood out to me for numerous reasons. But most importantly, her determination to overcome training obstacles and her grit to get the work done, no matter how grueling, was unlike any other I’ve seen. So when I saw Bonnie was accepting new clients, I was confident this was an opportunity I did not want to skip out on.

Bonnie’s expert guidance and support has been invaluable to me as she coached me through my first meet and is now coaching me as I prepare for USAPL Raw Nationals! I had initially only anticipated increasing my total through working with Bonnie. However, the results I’ve seen are so much more than just increasing the weight on the barbell. I am learning how to be a more technically sound and confident lifter. I am learning to be more patient with myself and with the strength training process.

As a strength athlete, I can confidently say deciding to become a part of #TeamSchroeder was one of the best decisions I have made so far and we are just getting started.

Cassandra Misiak

I met Bonnie at my second powerlifting meet and I knew right when I saw her coaching her athletes that I wanted her as my coach too. She takes your training and success just as serious as her own and the accountability is incredible. She’s also very team oriented and I’ve met several great people due to that.

After just 12 weeks we added almost 70 pounds to my total and my confidence level is so much higher thanks to her form critiquing and mentoring. Any struggles I have, she knows just what to say to correct it and the advice just clicks. She’s amazing at what she does, goes above and beyond, and I really couldn’t imagine being coached by anyone else.